Letter From The President

Dear K&B Friend and Colleague,

This past year has been one filled with both opportunities and challenges. How we respond to these opportunities and challenges helps define who we are at K&B Industries. I’m proud to say that the K&B team has always been positive, resilient, and proactive, no matter what the industry or the marketplace throws at us.

This kind of fortitude doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, I believe there are two important reasons K&B has become the leader we are today: our intense focus on our customers, and our family-oriented foundation.

First, customer focus truly defines all that we do at K&B, and it always has. We’ve found that by conducting business each and every day with our customer as priority one, we are able to stay on the right course for success.

Second, K&B has grown up with family leadership. Since my dad began the company more than 40 years ago, basic – but often overlooked – practices such as good communication, courtesy, and understanding have been of utmost importance to the company’s operation.

The truth is, our customers make up a huge part of this unique K&B family. As we continue to grow throughout 2015 and beyond, we look forward to watching our customers’ businesses grow right along with us.

Best Regards,

Kenny Wood, Jr.